Introduction of iDict-weapp

Introduction of iDict-weapp

A better English to Chinese Dictionary in Weapp.


  • Autocorrection

    Responsive Autocorrection based on the distance of keyboard using weighted Levenshtein

  • Single tap

    Single tap whatever word you like in the English Definition part and Sentence part will give you the explanation of the Lemma) of the word. You can choose to long tap or click the > one the top-right corner to see the detail if necessary.

  • Native & Authoritative examples

    All the sentence examples are selected from famous dictionaries for the best reference.

    • OALD (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary)
    • CALD (Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary)
    • LDOCE (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English)
    • CLED (Collins Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary)


  • ECDICT for providing database of over 3 million words
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