Deploy Service with gRPC, Envoy and NGINX

Are you bored with RESTful API? Take a look at gRPC! gRPC is a high performance RPC framework communicating with Protobuf. With the help of Envoy, an powerful service proxy to load balancing and translation, and NGINX as the front proxy for static files and frontend requests, you can easily host you SPA application with all the benefits of gRPC.

Builder Your Own Code Runner

Nowadays, there are a lot of online coding platform, like LeetCode and CoderPad. Such platforms provide an IDE at the frontend for the user to write code. When they hit ‘Run’, the code will be automatically executed in remote server and have the result back to the user. RunCode is my prototype of such platform. In this article, we will build our own!

Verify IPFS Multihash

IPFS has a unique way of identifying the data you store with multihash. For example, using ipfs add an_image.png will actually return a mutlihash which you can use to retrieve the file. However, it seems plausible for the front-end (JavaScript) to have the ability to verify it after the content is downloaded. Don’t worry, you are about to grasp it!

Tutorial - Get Ready to Use IPFS Cluster

IPFS has become one of the most popular ways to store your data in a decentralized way. This tutorial will demonstrate the basic usage of ipfs, ipfs-cluster and how to access it via axios in JavaScript.

Tutorial - Using Protobuf in Flutter

Recently, I have working on Futter project. However, I have found it quite difficult to install the Dart protobuf plugin on Linux. Here is my tutorial for you to save your time.

Introduction of iDict-weapp

A better English to Chinese Dictionary in Weapp.

Try iDict in Command Line

command line version of iDict for macOs&Windows&Linux

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